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The Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Region Government, Mr. Aleksander A. Smekalin, along with the Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA) CEO, Mr. Ramil Gabbasov and his adviser on international issues, Ms. Anna Subbotina, were welcomed in the TAFISA Office to discuss their cooperation with TAFISA in the field of Martial Arts. 

RUMA Ulyanovsk
RUMA CEO Ramil Gabbasov with TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann and Ulyanovsk Region Government Chairman Aleksander A. Smekalin at the TAFISA Office


The possible organization of a new type of Martial Arts / Sport for All Festival in the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia, was the main topic of the successful meeting. and TAFISA is looking forward further discussing this idea together with RUMA and the Ulyanovsk Region government in the future. 

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