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One of TAFISA's key successes in 2016, the Take Back Your Streets... Take Back Your Future program now has its Implementation Workbook, referencing good practices from the program's flagships and resources to get involved with the program! 

The Workbook is available here: http://tafisa.net/pdfs/TBYSImplementationWorkbook.pdf 

TBYS-F Brochure

Take Back Your Streets... Take Back Your Future aims to emphasize the significance of the urban setting, public and open spaces, in reintroducing physical activity as part of the daily lives of people.

Many Take Back Your Streets Festivals and events were organized in public and open spaces throughout Europe in 2016 to invite people and communities to take to the streets and enjoy being active.

In addition, Take Back Your Future Workshops have been training local stakeholders at the municipal level to better organize Sport for All events and develop an Active City strategy to foster a sustainable, healthy, active lifestyle for their citizens and communities.  

Are you interested in organizing a Take Back Your Streets event or hosting a Take Back Your Future Workshop? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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