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In 2016 RECAL Foundation in cooperation with TAFISA supported over 200 sport events with canned isotonic drinks in Poland. Organizers of all events were obliged to collect empty cans and send them to recycling. Among those 200 supported events, over 120 were part of the Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! program.

TAFISA and RECAL awarded 5 best organizers of the Take Back Your Streets (TBYS) events. The organizers were selected based on their activities and report. They received a diploma and a special edition of the TBYS T-shirts with the mention “The best implementation of TBYS in 2016 in Poland”. Another 5 received distinctions with a diploma.


 The Awardees are the following:

1.    Sport and Recreation Centre in Boguszów-Gorce, the organizer of "28th Sudety 100", "Downhill Dzikowiec", "Highlanders to start" and "Nor-Boar Walking".

2.    Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Kielce, the organizer of the "V Kielce ten", "III Kielce Run the Mountain" and "IV Family Rally ".

3.    Municipal Cultural Centre in Nowa Wieś Lęborska, the organizer of "V Grand Prix Nordic Walking Nowa Wieś Lęborska" and "IV Santa Claus Nordic Walking".

4.    Sport and Recreation Centre in Skierniewice, the organizer of "The Breakfast Bicycle Ride", "Night Bike Ride - My City at Night", "II Clash of the Giants" and "Tournament of Towns - Beach Volleyball Tournament".

5.    Ducal Palace in Żagań, the organizer of "5th Żagań Race of Independence".



1.    Cycling Tourism Club BikeOrient, the organizer of "Marathon around the Sulejów Lake".

2.    Municipal Sports and Recreation in Elbląg, the organizer of "VIII Elbląg Piekarczyk Street Run".

3.    Association Kurzętnik Runs, the organizer of "IV Rooster Ten".

4.    Przemyśl Runner's Club, the organizer of "IV Przemyśl Street Run - Przemyśl Ten".

5.    City Bydgoszcz, the organizer of "Nationwide Swimming Competition at Brda River - Water Bydgoszcz ".




Congratulations once again to all the awardees for their great involvement in Sport for All!

Since its inception in 2005, the TAFISA Office had its headquarters in central Frankfurt, courtesy of Commerzbank kindly hosting the TAFISA staff within its premises. Over the years TAFISA has grown bigger and welcomed more people in its team. The new office provided as an in-kind donation from Commerzbank is still located in Frankfurt and is more spacious than the previous one, making it more convenient for the staff to carry out their tasks for TAFISA. 

The new office already had its first guest, in the person of Sports Union Slovenia (SUS) Vice-President Patrik Perosa. 

 New Office
Patrik Perosa (second from the right) here with the TAFISA Office team

TAFISA would like to once again express its thanks and gratitude to Commerzbank for their invaluable continued support, which has allowed TAFISA to thrive over the recent years.

Please note TAFISA's new address: 

TAFISA Office c/o Commerzbank / Filiale Höchst

Hostatostraße 2

D-65929 Frankfurt am Main



TSG Gerlev
TSG Gerlev


Come and enjoy three playful days with a practical introduction to Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) and a contemporary approach to teaching it.

Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy and The Historical Gerlev Playpark in Denmark are the first European Regional Centre of Traditional Sports and Games recognized by TAFISA. Gerlev Playpark was founded in 1993 as an independent institution under Gerlev P.E: & Sports Academy. Gerlev Playpark teaches TSG to Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy’s students, courses in TSG all over Denmark and is represented in several national and international TSG networks.

And now, they have opened the courses to provide insights to Gerlev research and cooperation with TSG organizations as TAFISA on the project Recall: Games of the Past.

The Autumn course will be starting on 16th to 18th November, 2016 and the Spring course will be on 2nd to 4th May, 2017. The courses will provide an academic understanding of the possibilities in TSG and how to use the past as an inspiration for present and future work with movement culture.

For more information or registration, please visit www.gerlev.dk/events/tsg1
We look forward to seeing you in Denmark! 


TSG Gerlev
TSG Gerlev


Israel Sport for All Association and Ministry of Culture and Sport hand in hand

Israel CLC 2016

A highly successful Certified Leadership Course (CLC) in Israel, November 29 – December 3, marked the end of this year’s TAFISA CLC season.  Hosted by the Israel Sport for All Association under the leadership of its President and TAFISA Treasurer Herzel Hagay, supported by the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport and endorsed by the IOC, thirty participants gathered for five days at Kibbutz Shefahim close to the city of Herzliya and enjoyed an outstanding learning experience. Participants came to Israel from 12 countries: Japan, Ukraine, China, Croatia, Macau (China), Poland, Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Jordan, Singapore and Israel.  Participants were exposed to the fundamentals of Sport for All development, as well as the latest international research, programs and perspective in the fields of marketing, good governance, volunteerism, leadership, event management, etc. After successfully passing the final exam participants received the TAFISA CLC Certificate by the international CLC facilitators, namely Wim Florijn from Netherlands and other expert speakers.

The CLC also included various typical field trips – it was impressive to see how the introduction of Catch Ball in Israel attracted some 15.000 women in such a short time to actively play the game. But in Israel cultural experiences are a must, especially trips to Jerusalem and Jaffa.

In their final words the Israel Sport for All Association President Hagay and Ofer Bustan representing the Ministry thus described the CLC “a highlight for the Sport for All development in Israel but also beyond!”


If your organization is interested to host a CLC in 2017 please contact the TAFISA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TAFISA World Walking Day


On the first weekend of October every year since 1991, millions of participants around the world have taken to the streets to share in the TAFISA World Waking Day.

2016 TAFISA World Walking Day was held for the whole month of October together with flagship events where all member organizations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, NOCs and other interested parties were invited to participate.

Now that World Walking Day is fully integrated in the Take Back Your Street... Take Back Your Future! programme, it had gathered more participants. It was also part of the European Week of Sport this year.  Countries from all continents and thousands of citizens participated together in the walking events all around the world. Among the participating countries were for example Bulgaria, Macao (China), Poland, Japan and Hungary.


WWD in Portugal                                                                   WWD in Macao


Benefits of the World Walking Day:
Building awareness of the importance of :

  • Practising physical activity
  • Focusing on the urban setting for sport for all and physical activity
  • Creating a sense of community
  • Being a part of a global movement
  • Creating a sustainable active world
  • Reintegrating physical activity into everyday lives

Living in the world of physical inactivity crisis, we all feel keenly the necessity of uniting to bring physical activity back to daily lives of all people. We should all come out and join TAFISA WWD to celebrate open public spaces as safe and friendly areas for people to walk! 

All TAFISA members are invited to join the TAFISA World Waling Day by organizing a walking event in October 2017.

'Run Warsaw' , a big flagship event held in Warsaw with 15,000 participants