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The 1st TAFISA Pan-American Congress was successfully organized in Cuba on May 28. 


Another successful „Take Back Your Streets“ event took place this weekend on May 27. More than 1,000 dancers participated in a dance festival on May 27 in Karsiyaka, Turkey. The city of 325,000 inhabitants is situated north of Izmir and its name translates into „coast/bank on the opposite side“.


Being accompanied by a kids drummers group the people of Karsiyaka started the festival with a walk from city hall to the Square of Constitution promoting an active city. In their midst  the city’s mayor Hyseyin Mutlu Akpinar showed his full support not only by by joining the walk but also by giving the welcome speech.


Organised by municipality of Kasiyaka the participant afterwords united in a presentation of different turkish group dances. The starting event was than followed by an evening of traditional dances at the Bostenli Suat Taser Theater.



As part of the Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! program, the TAFISA World Challenge Day (WCD) will take place today. More than 40 communities from around the world will unite in a friendly international competition in Sport for All and physical activity. The aim is to motivate as many people as possible to be physically active for only 15 minutes.  Above all the event is a fun day that creates awareness and enthusiasm for fitness and active living. We wish the best of luck to all participants and every success to the organizers!

WCD 2016WCD 2016

WCD 2016

Organized by the Recal Foundation and the Polish Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the International Conference: "Sport for All – Review of Current Initiatives" was held on May 19 in the Sports Centre Sports hall Torwar. 


An integral part of the Take Back Your Streets... Take Back Your Future!  program, the conference was the opportunity to present Sport for All initiatives at the local, national and international levels and connect them through their principles and values in accordance with those of Active Cities and the Take Back Your Streets... Take Back Your Future! program.


 Michal Rynkowski, Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission

Michal Rynkowski, Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission


Wolfgang Baumann, TAFISA Secretary General


Jacek Wodzisławski, Recal Foundation President, and Dariusz Buza, Director of the Sport for All Department, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Poland

Poland will now be welcoming over a hundred of different events in the course of this Summer as part of the Take Back Your Streets... Take Back Your Future! program. These will take place throughout the country, both in big cities and smaller towns in the countryside.

TAFISA would like to once again thank the Recal Foundation and the Poland Ministry of Sport and Tourism for organizing this great Conference and their strong support.


From the 11th to the 15th of May 2016, Macau, China, could truly be considered the capital of the global Sport for All movement. Host of the TAFISA Board of Directors and 14th ASFAA Congress, the Sports Bureau of Macau showcased its expertise in organising international Sport for All events, as well as leadership in Asia-Oceania.

The 4-Day programme started with the TAFISA Board of Directors meeting on the 11th of May. TAFISA Board Members converged from all parts of the World to guide the strategy and activities of TAFISA for 2016 and the years to come. The main topics that were tackled included the 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 6th – 12th October 2016, the 25th TAFISA World Congress to be held in South Korea in 2017 and the Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! Programme. The meeting was also the occasion for TAFISA and the Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands, represented by Peter Barendse, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

 Macau Welcomes the Global Sport for All Movement
The TAFISA Board of Directors celebrating the project “Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future!”

 Macau Welcomes the Global Sport for All Movement
TAFISA Vice President & International Manager Peter Barendse and TAFISA President Ju-Ho Chang signing a MoU between TAFISA and KC Sport Netherlands.

A new Board of Directors for ASFAA
The highlight of the event was however the ASFAA General Assembly, which elected its new Board of Directors for the next 4 years. The global Sport for All movement congratulates Mr. Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau of Macau, who was elected President of ASFAA, as well as Mr. Herzel Hagay (Israel), Prof. Yasuo Yamaguchi (Japan), Prof. Ali Majdara (Iran), Dato. Sarjit Singh (Malaysia), Prof. Min Soo Kim (South Korea), Hon. Brian Dixon (Australia), Mr. Wong Po Kee (Hong Kong, China) and Mr. Liu Guoyong (China) for their election as ASFAA Board Members. TAFISA wishes them all the best and success to promote Sport for All and physical activity in Asia-Oceania in the coming years. Many thanks are also extended to Mr. Iao Lek Vong, former President, who brightly led ASFAA over the past years and contributed to the growth of the Sport for All movement in Orient.

“Leisure Activities Promote Sport for All”
Such was the theme of the successful 14th ASFAA Congress, which was attended by more than 100 participants from all over Asia-Oceania and invited countries overseas. After the Opening Ceremony on May 12th, debates and discussions were held during 2 days and enlightened by 5 keynote speeches:

  • “Physical Activity and Exercise”, by Dra. Maria Helena Santa Clara Pombo Rodrigues, Professor at the University of Lisbon
  • “Social Functions of Mass Sports”, by Prof. Ren Hai, Beijing Sport University
  • “Sport for All and Right Nutrition with Healthy Lifestyle”, by Mrs. Rakefet Arieli, Board Member of Israeli Sport for All Association
  • “Achieving Wellness for the Elderly Population”/”Falls in the Elderly Population”, by Prof. Frank Fu, Associate Vice President of Hong Kong Baptist University
  • “A Comparative Cross-national Study of Policies and Training Centers for Paralympics”, Prof. Yasuo Yamaguchi, Kobe University.

The programme also included poster presentations and was closed by a review of Congress Proceedings by Hon. Brian Dixon and Gala Dinner. All participants could then enjoy a World Heritage Tour in the beautiful city of Macau and the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Macau Sports Games on the last day of the Congress.

Macau Welcomes the Global Sport for All Movement

Macau Welcomes the Global Sport for All Movement
The 14th ASFAA Congress Opening Ceremony

TAFISA congratulates and warmly thanks the Macau Sports Bureau and 14th ASFAA Congress Organising Committee for their welcome and hospitality, as well as organising a successful event that will, with no doubt, strengthen the Asia-Oceania Sport for All movement.