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TAFISA has grown significantly since its inception in terms of membership, reach and impact. We acknowledge that this growth and success would not have been possible without the significant contributions from individuals and organisations over the last 40 years. These contributions have been many and varied, including in the form of monetary and in kind donations, sharing of expertise and experience, cooperation for programs and events, etc. In recognition of these contributions, TAFISA has established an Awards Scheme to honour those individuals and organisations that have enabled, and continue to support, TAFISA’s growth and success.


There are four TAFISA Awards available:

  1. TAFISA Jürgen Palm Award: for individuals who have made a significant and long-term contribution to the field of international Sport for All and physical activity (SAPA)
  2. TAFISA Honorary Membership: for individuals who have contributed substantially and directly to the development of TAFISA
  3. TAFISA Sustainability Award: for organisations that have developed and successfully implemented sustainable interventions in the field of SAPA, in the following four areas:
    • People
    • Planet
    • Profit
    • Holistic
  4. TAFISA Pioneer of Sport for All: for individuals who have made long term contributions to the field of SAPA on an international, regional, national or local level
  5. The Friend for Life Award: for individuals that have contributed significantly to the growth of TAFISA, but not on the same level as an Honorary Member.  Recipients of this award might include, for example, the heads or key contact of host organizations of major TAFISA events, sponsors or cooperating partners.
  6. The TAFISA Triple AC – SportCityNet Awards, for cities, communities and municipalities that showcase good work in the promotion of SAPA into their city setting.


The next Awarding Ceremony will be held during the 24th TAFISA World Congress in Budapest, Hungary. All TAFISA members are welcome to suggest potential awardees for the TAFISA Sustainability Awards by the 31st of August 2015 latest.


For more information on the Awards Scheme and other awards, please see the TAFISA Awards Scheme Report below.



» TAFISA Awards Scheme Report

» TAFISA Sustainability Award Nomination Form

» TAFISA Triple AC Registration and Good Practice Form

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