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TAFISA Certified Leadership Courses in Sport for All were developed to train and qualify national Sport for All leaders around the globe.  Since their inception in 2007 and 2011 respectively, more than 30 International and National TAFISA CLCs have been successfully held all across the world, from Iran to Trinidad & Tobago, from Kazakhstan to Australia, from China to Tanzania, from Argentina to Latvia and beyond.  With the support of the IOC for the development of the TAFISA CLCs from 2010, TAFISA has seen an encouraging rise in NOC hosts and participants alongside TAFISA member organizations.


Objectives of the CLCs are to:

  • To promote Sport for All and physical activity
  • To provide a platform for networking, exchange of experience, discussion etc.
  • To showcase research and development in the global Sport for All and physical activity sector
  • To introduce Designed To Move as a physical activity framework
  • To develop and train leaders and managers in the Sport for All sector
  • To aid development of TAFISA member organisations
  • To train National Olympic Committees in the field of Sport for All development and implementation
  • To build cooperation between National Olympic Committees and other responsible sports bodies


Host a CLC in Your Country

TAFISA plans to host at least once CLC in each region of the world each year, and invites you and your organization to apply to host your own National or International CLC.  For more information, please see the forms below, or contact the TAFISA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

» CLC Host Factsheet
» CLC Host Application Form
» CLC Participant Fact Sheet

Benefits for Participants

  • Education & increased professional qualification
  • Knowledge & experience transfer opportunities
  • International & national networking
  • Opportunity to showcase local/national initiatives
  • Development of English and presentation/public speaking skills
  • Hardcopies of all lecture content
  • Graduation certificate
  • Sports & social program
  • Access to international speakers & lecturers


Whilst the content of CLCs can be tailored to suit local demand, typically the structure includes:

  1. opening & closing ceremonies,
  2. presentations of certificates
  3. 4 to 5 working days – lectures, working groups
  4. oral examination
  5. sports activities & sightseeing opportunities
  6. networking opportunities

Academic Course Content

In cooperation with the local host, an appropriate academic program is devised from the following and other topics:

  • Designed To Move – A Global PA Action Agenda
  • Administration, Economics & Management
  • Volunteers:  recruiting, training, maintaining
  • Law and Sport for all
  • Sports Marketing & Campaigns
  • Target groups, Women in Sport for All
  • Public health
  • Olympic movement and values
  • Strategy development
  • Facilities and public spaces
  • Tourism
  • Philosophy of Sport and Social Capital
  • Traditional Games and Sports
  • Program development and management
  • Event planning and management
  • Public relations and communications


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