6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games! Newsletter - October 2016

Welcome to the 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games!

From October 2016 6 till 12, Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, will host The 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games. This major international event is anticipating 12,000 participants and delegates of International federations from around the globe participating and competing in over 100 different traditional sports, festivals and events. The TAFISA World Sport for All Games will celebrate world cultures and traditional sports within the theme of "unity in diversity", under the patronage of IOC, UNESCO and ICSSPE.

The Games will be the largest and most multi-sport prestigious event to be hosted by Indonesia since The Southeast Asian Games in 2011 and will occur two years before Jakarta becomes the host city for the 2018 Asian Games. Previous TAFISA Games, which were held for the first time in 1991 Germany, have taken place in, for example, Busan, South Korea in 2008 and Siauliai, Lithuania, in 2012. The 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games in 2016 will firmly place Jakarta in the center of the major international multi-sport event world.


Event Data

Participating delegations 130
Participation Countries 87
Participating Indonesian Provinces 25
Expected Total participants 105,280
Total Events 66
Total Hotel  24
Total Busses  286


Indonesian President Joko Widodo Will Open the 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games

On Saturday evening the Games’ Opening Ceremony will take place at Ancol Beach. A special venue has been built on this Java Sea beach. It is the first time ever that such ceremony is being hosted on the sea. The reason behind this somewhat unusual location, is to highlight Indonesia’s huge maritime diversity as the world largest archipelago.
The Games will be opened during the Ceremony by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo as well and the TAFISA president, Prof. Ju-Ho Chang, as well as many national and international VIP’s.
The official ceremony will be broadcasted live in Indonesia across a number of TV channels.



An Inspiring Programme

With only a few days left to the start of the Jakarta Games, the Organising Committee (JATGOC) has created a diverse event schedule incorporating traditional sports as well as the sports of today:

  1. Traditional Sport and Games Festival
  2. Beach Recreational Sports Festival
  3. World Kite Festival
  4. Children Traditional Games Festival
  5. Martial Arts Festival
  6. World Walking Day
  7. Global Forum on Active Cities, Seminar “Let’s Move Be Active” and Workshop on Traditional Sports and Games
  8. International Sport Fitness and Health Expo
  9. International Dragon Boat Competition
  10. World Lion and Dragon Championship
  11. International Youth and Extreme Sports Games
  12. International Gate ball Championship

Some of the traditional sports being demonstrated at the Jakarta games include, for example, Pandolo (Slovenia), Aboriginal Games (Australia), Röhnrad (Germany), Tribal Dances (Africa), Capoeira (Brazil), various martial arts and of course games from 25 provinces of Indonesia. Whilst on the other side of Ancol (the main venue for the games) an Extreme sport village has been build which consists of a Climbing wall, BXM Park, Parkour Obstacles, Skate Park and demonstration stages.

An extensive outreach program has been planned around the games and beyond the main venues. As part of the outreach programme the international delegations will be performing across Jakarta at mega-malls, schools, the national museum, local sport federations and even in the grounds of a prison. This really will be “Sports for All”.

Finally the delegates will have the chance to discover the Indonesian culture and traditions thank to the various bazaars that have been settled in the Games’ venue, local food and music and cultural shows.



Championships and Competitions

To coincide with the Jakarta TAFISA game a number of Championships and Competitions have been planned. These include Zurkaneh, Lion Dance, Cheerleading, Kite Flying, beach sports, and many others.


World Records

Jakarta will really be pushing all limits during the TAFISA World Sport for All Games. No less than three world record breakings will be attempted next week. These include Zumba, Egrang (stilt walking) and flying the world’s largest leaf kite.


TAFISA World Walking Day

Directly after breaking the Zumba World Record, on October 9th, some 15.000 international participants and Jakarta locals will mingle in a festive TAFISA World Walking Day specifically organized for the 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games.


TAFISA Global Forum on Active Cities

In parallel to the main Traditional Sports and Games programme, this year’s event will feature the 1st TAFISA Global Forum on Active Cities, which will gather on October 9th hundreds of international and local participants to reflect upon the significance of the city setting for the increase of participation in Sport for All and physical Activity worldwide. At this occasion, the TAFISA/UNESCO Call for Action for the Active Cities of Tomorrow will be adopted.

This will be preceded on October 7th by a Seminar on the theme “Let’s Move Be Active – Exercice is Medicine”, and on October 8th by a workshop entitled “Traditional Sports and Games & Active Cities”.


The TAFISA Board Meets

The 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games will be the opportunity for the TAFISA Board of Directors to meet and thank the Organising Committee for the hard work that has been done over the past 4 years to make the Games a reality and success.


The last meeting of the TAFISA BOD in Macau, China


Closing Ceremony – On the Road to Lisbon, Portugal

The Closing Ceremony, scheduled on October 11th on the evening, will bring together again all delegations from all corners of the world to celebrate a firework of Traditional Sports and Games. It will be a last opportunity to discover Indonesian culture and traditions, make new friends and enjoy the tropical night of Jakarta. The ceremony will move into a farewell party.

The Closing will also mark the official invitation for the 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games to take place in 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. The Governor of Jakarta will officially pass on the TAFISA Flag to the Vice President of the Portuguese Ministry for Sport.


Meet Tarsy, the Games Mascot

The mascot of the Games is Tarsius. Tarsius is the smallest living primate and can be found on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi and categorized as an endangered species animal living in Indonesia. As the final preparations for the TAFISA games are in full swing, Tarsy, as the mascot has been cutely named, is popping up across the city. His happy face can be seen on busses, taxis, billboards and banners throughout Jakarta.


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